Thursday, December 23, 2021

The Holiday One-Shot

1. Find a random map of a small dungeon. One from an old game you ran, or one of Dyson's Delves.

2. Tell the players that the Krampus has stolen all the village children and only they can get them back.

3. Use the following encounter table:

d8 Holiday Encounters
     1. The Devil (Dutch)
     2. d4 magi
     3. Little elves
     4. Herodian baby-hunters
     5. Mari Lywd (seeks food and booze, foiled by riddles and songs)
     6. Father Christmas (roll a d9 for alignment signified by robe color. May have a gift for every PC)
     7. IDF Merkava (crew of 4)
     8. Angel

4. Put the Krampus at the end of the dungeon. HD equal to the party's total levels. Uses a whip and horns or tries to scoop someone up in his sack.

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