Thursday, February 11, 2021

Dungeon Poem Challenge: the Clavicarcerum

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The Magma-Marred Clavicarcerum of the Scribe Jamesus


  • 1a. "Court" the Tyrant once visited. Salamandar Turnkeys rebind a burst fasces. Each has a basalt nail sticking out of their temple.
  • 1b. Closet for constraints of all kinds: manacles, long chains, dyed cocaines, an icon, silver talents.
  • 2. Scribe's familiar, caught in wrought-iron globe. Calumnies have granted her a tarantulous venom. She hates her Scribe and her jailors.
  • 3. Manikins-- groaning gem-eyed busts, riddled with basalt nails. Cloth limbs clutch tongs and prongs, ready to wrong those who come along.
  • 4. Spiking Spot, where the Tyrant's eunuch's daughter reads a heap of cracking skulls. The basalt nail driven under her jaw allows her to taste murderous intent and mystical events. Has a brace of pistols.
  • 5a. Magmabank, with deodands of all kinds: an ointment that beautifies the cruel, a bronze club whose radium glow blinds frequent users to other lights, and a golden mirror.
  • 5b. By the magma flow, a Scaly-foot Snail-- from her iron-wrought shell she whispers. She will trade the name of God to be returned to the Scribe who taught her secrets.
  • 5c. Bridge. Pressure plate near room 4 rotates a wheel of bells, notifying the guards in room 6.
  • 5d. Relics of the Scribe. An old pack, some dross, an off-kilter cross, a cameo of the love he lost. If someone prays while wearing the cameo, the only food that will satisfy ever after will be ashes, dirt, and insects. Thereafter, they will not age, nor will their body decay.
  • 6. Watchhouse. Six kladeneteer jailers with serrated blades throw gambling lot. They have two basalt nails in their heads: one at the top which turns all bloods they shed to silver, and one over the ear, causing their left hands to sweat glowing resin.
  • 7a. Stairway. Intricate carvings of serpents swallowing martyrs.
  • 7b. Statues. A sibling pair, the children of usurpers, turn magma to basalt with long metal tools. The executioners of their parents are immortalized in a triptych of bronze idols
  • 8a. Rows and rows of nails of basalt, arranged around a brazen serpent idol. Attacks those with an intact skull, but is amazingly clumsy. In the corner, an iron-wrought globe weighs down a trapdoor to room 10.
  • 8b. Pits, (20'), many-pointed icons hanging over each. One is shattered, another cracked, another will certainly hold. Ropes with baskets of ashes and locusts to serve to the Scribe, as well as buckets of basalt and black coal.
  • 9. Forge. Here the Scribe Jamesus beats basalt-flows into shape, using visions of the secrets that assured he'd be confined. The only diamond anvil the Holy Assembly allows.
  • 10. Cell. Scribe Jamesus prays here typically, surrounded by the dross of the many containment icons that his piety shatters. He speaks angel-language only, but gestures with traitor hands. Hallway to room 9 is etched with runes-- those studying them save or forget all anger. The Scribe made these to keep patient for the rescue God will send.

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  1. WOW. Incredible. This is poetry for certain—it made me feel feelings for sure. Basalt nails. Wow.