Thursday, January 7, 2021

All the World is a Stage, but you are a Juggler (GLoG Class)

In ancient times, we called ventriloquists "gastromancers," for we knew they told the future. We let mimes set the aesthetic agenda, because their genius spoke louder than the chorus. And the magi we called wise men and kings were jugglers.

art by TheFantaSim

You can juggle and use a number of one-slot-or-smaller items equal to the numbers of hands you possess +1 for each juggler template, or double that if the items are all especially juggleable.

Starting equipment:  sling and ten twine balls, easily-discarded cloak, pair of devil sticks or poi, one Golden Age Trinket

Starting ken: acrobatics and either theft or etiquette

  • A: Performer
  • B: Catch, Retinue
  • C: Parley, Circus
  • D: R2tDotE,wJwnD

Performer: You seem like you belong when you act like a deferential entertainer. Works equally well on officials, bandits, and lions.

Catch: You can pluck missiles fired at you from the air and start juggling them. This may cause you to drop something else. 

Retinue: Entertainer and historian hirelings are fanatically loyal to you as long as they get paid.

Parley: Only a total blackguard or literal snake would violate a parlay under the watchful eye of a Master Juggler.

Circus: Your party gets a +2 reaction bonus when travelers or random encounters happen upon your camp.

Return to the Days of the Empire, when Juggling was not Disgraced: It's back, baby! A blood-bidden and decorum-decked position awaits you.

Golden Age Trinket
  1. Father of History's aborted manuscript. Study for an hour outside a dungeon to learn of an ancient treasure or significant grave within.
  2. once-privileged dialect, the father of modern Thieves' Cant.
  3. gladius, well-worn. +1 damage against unarmored people or horses.
  4. invisible box.
  5. old but distinguished horse. A senate emeritus.
  6. thin red jian. Can be concealed within your throat safely as long as you don't run or shout.
  7. toad familiar of a priestess who was burned as a poisoner.
  8. five silver rings. You can link or unlink them at will.
  9. secret name borrowed from a figure in history. If you want someone to know it refers to you, they do.
  10. wolf's milk. Those who drink it become stronger but lose patience and decency.
  11. silver coin, on one side a face and the other an elephant. The face can report what it hears and the elephant can report whether vermin are near.
  12. six badges of six consuls assassinated. When you die violently, your next character starts with half your accrued XP and a golden age trinket.
  13. lantern, juggleable, that runs on either oil or alcohol.
  14. chain net. Covered in bells.
  15. sandals. Anyone wearing them is considered two one-slot items for the purpose of juggling.
  16. bronze six-pack. You count as having medium armor against attacks targeting your belly specifically.
  17. six ancient petards.
  18. silver greaves with lion faces engraved in them. They can eat fresh meat and it sustains you.
  19. living metal pigeon.
  20. as many juggleable machetes as you can carry.

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