Saturday, April 25, 2020

There's a Zungeon in my Dungeon! d10 Seussian Loot

Dr. Seuss was a great poet and artist; let's mine his art for game ideas.

d10 Seussian Loot:

  1. Key Slapping Slippard: put this small creature in any lock and it will dutifully slap any keys away, effectively sticking the door. Killing a slippard brings down a terrible curse.
  2. "Happy Fingers" Cap: this garish cap has a plastic hand glue to the top. While wearing it, control it with full range of motion.
  3. Ooblek: a magical glue that falls from the sky. Wizards can probably make this somehow.
  4. Thing Box: Twice a day, summon a loyal but madcap servant.
  5. Thneed: an item all adventurers need. Can change shape to that of any mundane item worth 5 gp or less.
  6. Wocket: (or Wackpack or Wurlap sack or what have you.) This is a small creature that lives in your first equipment slot and gives advice if you are friendly. Give it a random skill from below:
    1. dreaming
    2. geography
    3. cryptozoology
    4. green food preparation
    5. military strategy
  7. Tough-tufted Prickly Snick-Berry Switch: a one-handed weapon that also inflicts a point of fatigue with each hit.
  8. Triple-Sling Jigger: a wheeled apparatus that fires three beanstones at once.
  9. Jigger Rock-Snatchem: a wheeled apparatus that catches missiles and returns them to their sender as quickly as they are caught.
  10. The Kick-a-Poo Kid: a nuclear grenade capable of destroying countrysides. Does not penetrate border walls.

A Triple-Sling Jigger and Jigger Rock Snatchem
A note on the 5000 Fingers of Dr. T: this live-action film is essentially a ready-made dungeon populated by Dr. Seuss. The dungeon boss, a tyrannical piano teacher, has kidnapped five hundred boys to play a single, impossibly long piano. Complete with wandering monsters, dungeon guards, accoutremont, and several levels of torture chamber, I would love to see a play report set in the film.

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    Your quest - to retrieve a Yop from the heart of the dungeon.

    He will come with you, but only if someone lets him continously hop between their fingertips.