Saturday, March 28, 2020

Secret Jackalope 2020: Viigand's Chapel

Astuary Propheteer requested the following gift:
"a populated hex for a west marchian doomcrawl"

Okay. A little out of my wheelhouse, but that can be all the more fun. I will do this, and as fully as I can. So:

  • Populated
  • Hex (we'll say a classic six-mile hex)
  • West Marchian
  • Doomcrawl. This suggests to me a grim, possibly apocalyptic world.
Hex #XXXX Viigand's Chapel
          On a stony hill surrounded by what used to be good farmland, the fortified village of Viigand's Chapel stands obviously near the middle of this hex. The harried people who call the village home call it the last safe place. In truth, the centerpiece of Viigand's power is a drug manufactured for him by the chemist Anatole. Called Noyer, it produces a hopeful feeling and comfortable conformity.
          The chapel, empty of icons of the old religious order, is the seat of power for Sir Viigand, the undisputed marshal of the village. His soldiers are commonly seen in adjacent hexes, securing supplies and putting down marauders on the road.
          Viigand can be a straightforward threat to the party, or just as easily prove a source of reliable, if unsavory, work. He is one of the few people who has his act together in this falling, failing world.

Six NPCs in Viigand's Chapel
  1. Ivakin, Viigand's enforcer. Needlessly rude and prone to making tactical mistakes.
  2. Marloe, a cheerfully drugged-up butcher. Will subconsciously inform party of suspicious doings.
  3. Svetlana, whose elderly father is dying. The village will not spare any aid.
  4. Artor, the former parson of the chapel. Dreams of the old days when people cared about god.
  5. Blair, a guard. His family from [the PC's base of operation] want him to join them there, but the pay is too good.
  6. Katarina, Viigand's friend. People guess that she is his wife and/or sister, but in truth she is simply the first and last friend he has left. 
Six Valuables in Viigand's Chapel
  1. The barrel of Noyer. Each dose makes you immune to fear and other drugs for a day, but you have a hard time acting against superiors.
  2. The old idol, now tossed aside in a rubble heap outside of town. Made of solid bronze, worth about 50 gp.
  3. a chariot kitted out Mad Max-style, pulled by drug-addled mules.
  4. a misericorde that leaves no visible mark in its victims
  5. scroll of forget memory, useful to help you sleep at night.
  6. a pre-cataclysm map of the surrounding area, updated with modern information 
Six Tasks for Viigand's Chapel
  1. "A pack of snakemen has been giving me trouble. Provide overwatch for one of my squads while we take it out. You like drugs?"
  2. "I need shipments of eel urine carted in. Do not ask why. Only problem is mayor of [PC's base of operations] is holding it up. Convince him otherwise.:
  3. "My chemist is getting the wanderlust again. Tell him some gruesome stories of what you've seen Out There. Really turn his stomach."
  4. "My man, Ivakin. I think he's sweet on this boy from Asva. Make sure he gets a happy ending. Take this club with you."
  5. "I here there are still horses in this world. Rumor says there's some in the valley out south. Deal with the pack of elves that live there, or steal them. I need at least one breeding pair."
  6. "My people are getting fresh again. Kidnap someone and dispose of them. That will remind them what its like Out There. Just don't let one of my men see you. They'd need to... intervene."

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