Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Goals for Holy Selmat

A message from Rektrine will go unanswered. Axel Sauerwald
  • I want to build up a lot of history for Selmat by staying to ~10 major locations and ~5 major prophets. Most of the things that happened, happened in one of those locations or to one of those prophets. These places are OLD.
  • I want to present these places as interesting to visit, that the PCs don't need to scratch their heads thinking "how are we going to learn about what we've come here to learn about?"
  • I want the political structure to reflect the concept of religious belief-as-social-institutions, and let the players make space for investigating religious belief-as-personal-philosophy or not.
  • I want there to be incomplete historical information from which players can extrapolate good deductions.
  • I want each session to be exciting and fun for the players, even if they're just going over books they found.

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