Monday, October 29, 2018

Folk Beliefs in Selmat

Age of Conan: Unchained concept art

In Holy Selmat, the people are especially pious. Accordingly, I've made a rumor table to represent the cruft of folk beliefs, theories, and other idiosyncrasies that vary from town to town and person to person. If the party makes their goals of writing a holy book public, they will frequently be approached by Selmati with one of these "pieces of information" to include. I can also use this table to characterize any holy orders or secret societies they meet.

d20 table of Rumors and folk beliefs
  1. Elijah called all the dragons to Gath, fed them poison, and killed them.
  2. The diluvian sea is full of merpeople, including a sunken holy city that attacks heathen religions across the waves.
  3. “Occulat” was a creation by a Noryist trying to undermine the faithful.
  4. When Moloch was defeated, he fled northeast, empowering the cities far off from Selmat.
  5. Once the dwarves have witnessed all things, they will have a copy of the world they can feed to their god, which will have strange effects on ours.
  6. The dwarves guard the physical gate to the afterlife.
  7. Locusts spend seven years out of every eight in the afterlife.
  8. The Prophet Ehud invented Gigre— it was revealed to him in a dream.
  9. The prophet Tizrah had a child who went into occultation.
  10. You can become a demon by sacrificing your own children.
  11. Homunculi can be made according to the following recipe…
  12. Candles, swords, spurs, and bows were invented by Noryists in Dark Satanic Mills.
  13. You can ceremonially transfer your sins onto a goat.
  14. The Devil was sent by Rektrine to test us and is actually his monsoon lover.
  15. Hyenas are undead, and magical. Chosen by the prophet Cantar
  16. Mithral is a refined form of iron. It severs the soul doubly.
  17. God will send us a Messiah soon, and it has been foretold in the holy texts.
  18. God has sent us a Messiah. I met them.
  19. Elijah was killed by a vision he saw at the Mountain of the Fathers in the fiery waters there.
  20. Elijah came from the land of Nuf. That’s why he washed up on shore.

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