Thursday, May 30, 2024

BIS: Maps of Gumania

 This is not one of the promised side dishes to my megawildernesscrawl project Before I Sleep. Instead, this is the maps for each normal-type country in the continent of Gumania, where we set our scene. In addition to some familiar dungeon mapping iconograpy, there are two common symbols. Regions with dots slow travel and regions with dashes speed travel. The reasoning for this, as well as the monsters, treasures, special features, and other contents of each region, are in the unpublished and unfinished key. Nevertheless, I hope they serve as proofs of concept and inspiration as Astos and the Lands of Quasqueton were.

My first blueprint

I like to imagine that Ancien is about the size of modern France, but it's hard to judge such things. You can cautiously pass through a region in about a week, and go recklessly through three regions in the same length of time.

These dungeon-style maps tend to make the countries seem boxier than they are in my head. The "R" symbol connecting certain regions indicates that they require a ranger or local guide to traverse between.

City-states like Danbrag and Hepton are especially out-of-scale so it's easier to see their component parts.

Musfold is quiet and peaceful, a good place for twee and soft level 1 PCs to start out.

I didn't think about this until now, but these three small realms represent the seat of power of the three largest empires to ever be in Gumania. Regretably, drawn together they look penile.

Sometimes, you make a major river into its own region and you can see it cut through a realm. Other times, it's not and you can't.

I wanted one country to have long Wilderness Survival-style mountain ranges.
I didn't sweat putting every map into exact scale relative to each other. This is kind of what it would look like if the maps perfectly matched the territory.