Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Some Spells, Mostly Summons

 Mostly summons, as a discussion in the glog discord server reminded me that I think summoning spells are cool and easy to write, but they so seldom appear in the blogosphere.

These spells are written in a hybrid form. Parenthetical details are for old-school leveled spell systems and bracketed details are for glog-style MD spell systems.

  • Johannes's Promise (3rd) summons (2d4)/[sum] goblins, who arrive in 1d10 minutes. They will assume you are the wizard Johannes, a goblin-friend who devised this spell and died centuries ago.They will assist you as befits a great friend until midnight, when they must march home to the moon, until you violate their friendship, or until they learn that you are not Johannes. New goblins arrive each time you cast the spell, so messing up won't ruin the spell in later castings.
  • Inner Fire (1st) Burns both ends of your life's wick, causing you to explode in a 20' radius blast of flames dealing (6+1d6 per caster level)/[sum+6] damage to every other creature, save for half. Flammable items are ignited, but some might get a save. This expenditure of energy reduces you to 1 hit point, permanently costs 1 point of a random attribute, and incurs a -3 penalty to all d20 rolls until you rest in the warmth and eat a double ration.
  • Giant Beetle (2nd) summons a 6' long giant beetle, shell a deep gossamer blue and with evil-looking eyes. Horns like a forklift. (4 HD)/[sum HP], chitin as chain, fluttering wings. Cannot safely carry rider or cargo, but you can be creative about it. Serves until it feels it has fulfilled its debt to you, then flies off.
  • Crab Battle (2nd) Point at a foe who truly wants to kill you, then utter an invocation to the muse of deep-sea gladiators and Atlantean bloodsport. Both of you rise from the ground, lifted up by giant crabs that carry you forward and fight on your behalf. Each of you can easily keep your footing atop your crab mounts. Lasts until the end of the combat [or after sum rounds].
  • Manifest Tree Spirit (3rd) Sing to a tree to charm out its dryad. She will be positively disposed to you until you do something to annoy her[, and will do you sum favors].
  • Create Graveyard (6th) Breaking through walls from out of nowhere come (1d20)/[1dsum] furiously angry elephants. They'll try to avoid hurting you, but no promises.
  • Grave Curse (6th) Target deserving, unwilling victim must save or turn into a medusa, dracula, thatcher, or other pathetic creature of the night.
  • Termagants (5th) Summons (2d4)/[sum/2] harpies to torment and degrade a person you name. They won't intentionally kill this person, and will mostly just heckle them if they get into a deadly fight. Caster beware! If they encounter servants of Kanil, the god and mockery, born from ill-informed morality plays, praised in poorly-remembered rumors, and worshiped in the hearts of every zealot, the harpies will betray the caster to them.
  • Cry Havoc (5th) Go to a graveyard or a crossroads when it's too dark to see. Wave an article of clothing or similar item belonging to your enemy in the air in front of you. After the massive hound has gotten their scent, it will open its coal-red eyes and unerringly hunt them. Has (4 HD)/[Sum HP]. If the hound is slain, another will take its place the next midnight until (2d4)/[highest] have hunted. Hides and waits on Sundays, and cannot enter hallowed ground.
  • Locate Treasure (4th) While underground, lay a fire on a fresh corpse. Charging through a nearby corridor will come a massive monster with the front half of a bull, the back half of a man, hands, and a massive labras. He is lonely, bright, and flesh-mad. After messily devouring the corpse (taking 1 Turn), he will lead you through the underground area, wandering until some kind of treasure is discovered, all avenues of exploration are exhausted, [sum Turns have elapsed] or he is slain. In any of those cases, he leans against a wall and melts into shadow. If led out of a dungeon into the warm light of day he will immediately renege on the terms of the spell and run for the hills to smell flowers, draw shapes in the dirt, and gore shepherds. Has a flawless sense of direction.
  • Commission Guard (2nd) Wave around a sack full of coins and call out for an ogre, who you must give an ignominious name like Grim Bug, Shitlips, or Cheese Rind, and utter a riddle. They pop out of nowhere and answer the riddle with your intended answer. If the riddle is good enough, they will guard a bridge, door, or other spot for you, using it as a password. For this privilege they demand (1d6x100 gp)/[lowestx100 gp]
  • Ouza's Proper Delegation (6th) Flick your shadow off your body. It will ripple out to undertake a mission of your choosing. Stats as a shadow, but with your HP maximum and any other relevant changes. [You must cast this with all of your normal MD.] After its mission is complete, you must sew your shadow back on or it will shrivel up and get weak, and will complain like a peckish housecat. Any shadows created by yours will serve you if you can sew them to some other person or object, but any third-generation shadows serve them. If your shadow is slain in this form, you can't cast the spell again until you get a new one.
  • Summon the First King (5th) Find an ancient bone, so old it is hard like stone. Kill 20 HD of humanoids with the bone. With terror and slaughter, a T. Rex roars forth from your shrieking mouth. It is 20 blood-soaked HD of scale and muscle, and it is in a mood to reward you, its first servant in many millenia. [You have a sum hour grace period.]
  • Flesh-Ripping Beam (5th) Fires a blast of furry fluid at a target, resolving into an 8 foot long [sum hp] giant weasel. It makes an immediate attack roll, and on a hit begins sucking blood. It can only be removed if it or its victim is slain. On a miss, the weasel ricochets and skips its next turn. [The weasel gets +dice to hit and drains 1d4 HP each round for every 2 MD invested.] After all potential victims have fled, it disintegrates into old paper pulp.


  1. "or turn into a medusa, dracula, thatcher, or other pathetic creature of the night"
    I am sorry, but I could only imagine turning into Margaret Thatcher with that curse. I mean, she was a pathetic creature of the night, but still.