Friday, September 8, 2023

Seven Parable Monsters

 Written in celebration of Pilgrim Procession's birthday

Bukti- born from a potters' field like a snake from an egg when a people long suffer and groan for relief. Over the course of a day, turns from a skittering soft quadruped to a bearded and serious vagrant. Will fight authorities on behalf of the wish that birthed it. Attempts to imprison it will be thwarted by angels and coincidence. When slain, roll a d4:

1. 10% of the dead within 2 miles animate as zombies 2. Every public building catches fire 3. 40 HD of angry animals emerge from the wounds 4. Instead of dying, now there's two identical bukti.

Hand- bulky, muscular, radially-symmetrical creature, all quaking limbs and mouths singing exultations and a fat blue eye. Grants blessings in exchange for alms (as cleric spells), but when the party encounters any hostile force the blessings abandon them. Healed HP is depleted, conjured food turns to ash, etc. Roasts lambs and domesticates wolves.

Zenf Devil- tall, goatlike figure with greasy human hands and a stiff leather sling. By wringing its hands over seeds or pips, it can temporarily turn them into magical tokens that, when struck against a hard surface, causes a fully-grown tree to burst forth. This deals 2d6 damage when fired from the sling. Zenf devils, actually a kind of hairy monkey, slowly drive forests about, smother fires, and cut off nearby communities from each other.

Adosedo- in some ways, the opposite of a guardian angel. Imagine if a goose was turned into a nasty little reality TV personality. Claws deal 1d4 wisdom damage, and for each damage they manage to claw 10 silver coins out of your very flesh— what were those doing there? Oh, and one of the coins contains your immortal soul and anyone who picks it up can command you. Adosedoi are most often seen after being conjured by irresponsible wizard grandfathers or bored youths.

Idolie- a great saturnine magician with vague features and a cloak that seems to change colors. His great trick is to summon faces in any surface wide enough to bear one, and to command these faces to look out for intruders, bite passers-by, or yell real loud to distract from his escape. Will perform complex auguries with the tarot for PCs, but instead of coming true the auguries will just summon more faces at the appointed time.

Skavir- a scorpion-tailed troll with potent X-Ray vision who can see down to the very bones of a person, where the secrets are kept. When stung, someone must save vs doing something  pointless and terrible on their turn in a combat round. Regeneration halted not by fire but by excuses for its actions, no matter how tenuous or disingenuous.

Pygmachoi- thin collectors of weakened joys. Pale, soft-spoken, charming creatures. Technically lawful-aligned, they seek out magic, wonders, love, and potential, harvest it, and hide it away in a gilded box, one for every group. Stats as rabbits, but grapple like gorillas, wrenching abstract concepts as technicolor tendon-like cords from their targets. Overharvested victims become pygmachoi in 1d4 weeks. Imposing despite their frailty. Someone who consumes too much of a gilded box's contents gain 2d6 wisdom and charisma and lose 3d6 intelligence, becoming a giant songbird, oscar fish, or capuchin monkey if they reach 0 intelligence.

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