Thursday, May 18, 2023

35 Eerie Knight Abilities

 There is something going on with knights these days. Something about the faceless helmets and moral ambiguity of different depictions, spurred on by spooky and zeitgeisty figures lends them to different affects and right now there are a lot of examples of affects like "booOOoooOOoo" and "aaaaaaaah." All this is to say that when I sat down to think of knight abilities for a game of D&D, my first thought was "what if there was a knight who sucked your blood like a leech and you didn't even know?"

d35 Eerie Knight Abilities

  1. Your bite attack (1d6) can't be detected by pain, pressure, or sound, only sight. Damage you deal is hidden from the defender's player.
  2. You can see through your blood until it dries.
  3. Wounds you inflict are flammable. Ignited wounds inflict 1d4 damage per round until they equal the initial damage.
  4. Enemies within a half-mile of you cannot sleep.
  5. If you lose the tools of your trade, like a horse or a shield, you can not only find a replacement from an appropriate merchant but you can find the exact tool you're replacing. This usually freaks the merchant out and they'll give you half price if you just take the anomolous object and go.
  6. The things you do are legal.
  7. You sleepwalk, during which you are alert and ruthlessly dangerous as ever.
  8. If someone hasn't seen you use this trick, you can grab an incoming melee attack, receiving full damage but creating an opening for a free attack of your own.
  9. The first time you touch a magical object, it screams.
  10. There is a stranger who precedes you when you go about town. You know little about him except that he seems to want to help you and he scares those he talks to like someone who knows their secrets. When you gather rumors, you always get twice as much and the gossips are always eager to share what they know, lest a horrible fate befall them.
  11. If a foe isn't looking at you, when they turn around you can declare retroactively that you're standing right behind them.
  12. Track by scent.
  13. Your jolly, off-key song is a warning. Singing in dangerous places never triggers encounter checks for loud noise because it repels even a monster's sense of self-preservation. Your song can cover loud sounds made by your party to ensure against extra encounter checks by the same reasoning.
  14. Those who slay you slowly turn into you over the course of 1d4 weeks. If killed before the transformation takes hold, you are gone for good.
  15. You can make your eyes glow light red lanterns, except the light shows the veins and tissue of those it glows on.
  16. When within 30 feet of a foe, you can march up walls and along ceilings.
  17. With 1 week and the bones of a magic creature or metal of a magical object, you can augment a suit of armor to ameliorate a mutilation. For each, lose 1 INT and CHA when out of the armor.
  18. You store a 3-foot centipede under your tongue. It can bite with irritating venom or be spat out as a projectile up to 15 feet to disarm or trip someone.
  19. At any point, permanently trade wisdom for strength 1-for-1.
  20. When convenient, you have no bones and your armor is no impediment. When you jumpscare someone, get +4 to your attack.
  21. You can eat raw meat, drink poison, and breathe bad air.
  22. You can stand so still and quiet as to perfecty imitate a suit of decorative armor.
  23. Run and fight backwards without penalty.
  24. If someone speaks your name, regardless of where you are, you can elect to suddenly be there riding them down with your lance.
  25. When you wear a cowl, others forget who you are.
  26. Your internal anatomy resembles coarse burger meat. You are immune to wounds that target those organs you lack.
  27. Howl and the creatures of the night howl with you.
  28. When you initiate a call-and-response, your victim must save vs spells or respond, possibly giving their position away.
  29. Knock on a door and the nearest person will unlock it.
  30. Those you slay with knightly weapons rise as undead.
  31. You can enter a unique, mournful pocket dimension in every coat of arms and standard. As long as you're in there, you can be followed.
  32. You can hard cut a daytime scene into night, terrifying NPCs.
  33. Your lance brands and terrifies, and you can always track those you have struck with it.
  34. At will, permanently become a horrible monster of your choice with HD up to your level + 3.
  35. You get no recruitment penalty for mistreating hirelings.

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