Thursday, March 2, 2023

30 Magic Items of the Prairie Traveler

 Have been reading through the Prairie Traveler again as inspiration for the Americacrawl. I think I'd like to one day review the book for RPG purposes. Until then, some magic items based on the recommended gear for crossing the American west:

  1. Dwarven Flannel Overshirt: +500 coins of carrying capacity by some unknown means. Can be cleaned without water.
  2. Woolen Socks of the Wizard: itches in the presence of a newly-encountered magic-user
  3. Thickened Cotton Socks: Automatically pass saves incurred by ambushing creatures
  4. 1d4 Colorful Silk Handkerchiefs: Chirps and waves. Cough into it to reroll a death save. Pass or fail, the handkerchief discolors, shrivels, and dies.
  5. Devil's Own Shoes: On a forced march, gain a demonic aspect, +2 strength and constitution, -2 wisdom and charisma until you spend a day in rest. Heal 1d6 HP. Footprints are hooves.
  6. Levering Boots: When riding a warhorse, any melee weapon counts as a "charge" weapon, dealing double damage when your mount moves at least 60 feet.
  7. Nelson's Towel: regardless of what wets it, when you squeeze it out you get rum. Navy blue. The towel smells like blood but the rum flows clean.
  8.  Inferno Poncho: pyrophobic gutta pecha poncho of chequey black and brown squares. DR 5 to fire.
  9. Brimmed Felt Hat: faded shining sun design on the top. Deflects headshots, or can be held as a shield.
  10. Thousand-Tooth Comb: twisting bug design. When placed on the ground, crawls towards someone whose hair is caught in its teeth.
  11. Noah's Brush: confers 1d12 intelligence on an animal for 1d12 hours.
  12. Masticurge's Tooth-Brush: casts Light twice a day, but only on teeth.
  13. Toledo Bar Soap: Clothing washed with this soap conceals those wearing it from scent-based tracking. Wax-yellow soap stamped with the symbol of an Ohio-based magician.
  14. Madrid Castile Soap: confers a fresh scent-- +1 charisma and wisdom until you draw a weapon. Ivory-white soap stamped with the symbol of a hoity-toity Spanish enchantress.
  15. Shrieker Whetstone: Instead of sharpening blades, darkens them to invisibility in the right conditions. Confers a +2 to hit in conditions dim enough to give a penalty to fighting. 4d4 uses before it dulls too much. Half grey, half dark red.
  16. Cascadian Coat: dark green canvas. When swimming or in the rain, double speed and can safely jump 20 feet.
  17. Vulcan Overcoat: coal-black denim, lining filled with ash from the Pittsburg dragon forge. Light as leather armor, protects like chainmail, well-pocketed.
  18. Green-Glass Spectacles: overcomes blinding effects, save true darkness. Elven wire frames prove resilient.
  19. Magic Blanket: wrap yourself up like a burrito and call out the name of a place the blanket has been before, and the blanket will float up to chest height and carry you there. Clumsy, but jogging-speed and tireless. Uncover your head to peek and you'll crash to the ground
  20. 1d6 strips of Blessed Buckskin: With a half-decent awl can repair damn-near anything. When used on mortal wounds, heals 1d6 HP.
  21. Grim-Hair Saddle: furry, worn, and thin. Mount has the stats of a dire wolf.
  22. 2d3 drops of Golden Goose Grease: food cooked with this grease refreshes you so you can go another day without resting. One drop is enough for a small group.
  23. Living Lariat: Expressive. Willing to swim across rivers like a water snake to help its owner ford them. Said to be knotted by Pecos Bill.
  24. Marching Wrought-Iron Kettle: follows owner on a tripod and cooks on its own.
  25. Henry's Mallet: Drives home pins, stakes, and pitons with a single tap.
  26. Bottle of 2d10 Magic Matches: burns quick and hot, but doesn't burn people or manufactured objects.
  27. Wrought-Iron Map Mess Pan: bread baked in this pan forms a topographic map of the hex in its crust.
  28. 3d4 Blue Mass Pills: save vs devices or halve constitution for the day and become magnetic.
  29. Tin Bucket: repairs itself, and can be used as a janky helmet.
  30. Bat Knight's Bridle: mount gains 60' darkvision.

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