Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Oddities of the Traveling Merchant

 Having recently finished my reread of the Deltora Quest series, I noticed that it often featured one-off and consumable items of ingenious design or minor magical providence, like incredibly absorbent water pellets or self-coiling rope. I figured these kinds of minor oddities would be easy to generate on the fly with Spwack's html generator tool, and could fill a notable niche in the game. Often, a DM will introduce traveling merchants and specialty shops into their game, and will note that they sell standard adventuring equipment. This is serviceable, but I reckon it could create interesting scenes if these merchants actually did sometimes have something uncommon.

The generator below will create a small stock of items, sufficient for a peddler in outright curiosities. For a community that serves as a long-term base for a party, it may be appropriate to take only the top one or two oddities, rerolling every couple weeks of in-game time. My hope is that most results will be easy to improvise from, although not every new convenience will be specifically applicable to the adventurer's life.

GP cost is based on Basic D&D prices. Modify as you will.

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