Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Location: Little Snake's Man's Cave

 Please enjoy this dungeon space, the smuggling den of a clique of wererats and their mutoid allies. It features more traps than I typically employ, as well as a well-Jacquaysed layout

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Highlights include:
  • classic monsters like the skeleton and rat swarm in their element.
  • hidden pirate treasure
  • less-than-reliable signage
  • a magic item based on an old joke I heard once
  • stalactites and stalagmites
  • one of those inexplicable dungeon shops
  • many secret passages
  • a room of pools
  • locks and keys
  • the magic king of a forsaken people
  • treasure beyond your wildest dreams


  1. This is great Phlox! Thank you for sharing with us. How long do you reckon it took you to put together?

    1. Thank you! Most of the time this was a backburner project, but it was easily three weeks from start to finish. I started by just tracing a few loops and populating those with rooms, which was fast enough. I also picked out six appropriate monsters for the encounter table from the OSE DM's book, which was fast. I keyed it on and off over a couple days, then went back and added a lot more detail for each area, punching up the ones that were too sparse.

    2. Thank you for the detail - I'm always fascinated by how people design dungeons, and prep other stuff for their games, because I find the process so creatively exhausting and it's something I want to enjoy more.

    3. Yeah, I'd love to see more about other peoples' process.