Saturday, October 9, 2021

Goo (GLoGtober #2)

 Slimes and puddings are often deployed to great effect as monsters or traps due to their liquid property. But the stakes are too often life or death. Whatever happened to vats of goo and their serious consequences? Here are some life-changing results from exposure to goo.

d20 Effects of Exposure to Vats of Goo

  1. Seem to die. After a couple hours, save-- on a success, you have 1d4 HP and serious burns all over your body. On a failure, your clothing is garish, you're chaotic evil now, and you acquire a criminal compulsion.
  2. Seem to die. After a couple hours, save-- on a success, you are liquid at will. On a failure, you are sometimes liquid. Test your constitution to deconstitute, and spend 1 HP whenever you try.
  3. Seem to die. After a couple hours, emerge in a degraded future of the world you knew.
  4. Affected area acquires a rigid metal sheen. It cannot flex at all, but may function as armor.
  5. Dyes the affected area a random color (d6 ROYGBV). It is impermeable to objects which are that color.
  6. Makes the affected area magnetic. Save vs metal poisoning.
  7. Preserves the affected area. Do not suffer for injuries to that spot, short of dismemberment, but it cannot be later enhanced.
  8. Desanguinate. The affected area's blood dries up, and may die (separately from the rest of the body) unless drastic measures are taken.
  9. Affected area secedes. It is controlled by another player (not PC). If the player is not there for a session, the area is unresponsive.
  10. Affected area blooms with animal alternatives (deer hoof for a hand, etc.)
  11. Affected area becomes adhesive. Advantage on keeping things attached to you, disadvantage on letting go of things.
  12. Affected area becomes hydrophilic and buoyant. Makes it very hard to swim, but also very hard to drown.
  13. Affected area becomes far more flammable. With a controlled burn, spend 1 HP every 10 minutes to shine light as a torch. In uncontrolled fires, the affected area is incapacitated.
  14. Affected area acquires an olfactory affectation. A random type of creature will consider you one of their own.
  15. Particular part performs preliminary perception. Gains eyes, ears, or some other sense organ. An earlier, now redundant, sense organ goes dormant.
  16. Affected area dissolves totally. If this would normally kill you, only seem to die. Your ghost body is fully intact, and if your original body is dissolved you can possess a foe of lesser HD.
  17. Affected area goes out of wack. Other parts of the body weaken as this part is nourished. Use a random hit location chart every day to see what part withers, giving disadvantage to all rolls involving it. Once every other part is withered, the affected area detaches, crawls into a dungeon, and turns into goo.
  18. Parasite convinces you that you really should settle down and reproduce with your old flame as soon as possible. Save every 24 hours to avoid making that huge mistake.
  19. Acquire a dark side. When a fight breaks out or when otherwise aggravated, test your charisma or reverse your alignment for ten minutes. True neutral characters become more annoying instead.
  20. Displace mental recognition. The affected person can now distinguish (d4: magic items or valuables or religious symbols or traps) at a glance but saves or becomes faceblind.


  1. I really like this table!
    I'm not sure how I can ever get to use it, but it perfectly catches the OSR DMing philosophy 👍