Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Location: The Secret Library of the Apostalic Archons

Made in collaboration with purplecthulhu of Velvet Inks and Crystal Fires.

art by Eelis Kyttanen

In the mystic holy city where the gilded temples slouch, 

where the miter-mounted masters mete caprice from silken couch,

the holy hierarch maintains a library so vast

that the secrets yet-enduring stored serve harrowing holdfast

and the words the gods reserved for last shall wait to sound at last.

Find the dungeon >> HERE <<


  • a cramped dungeon area representing an ancient, secret library
  • mechanisms powered by bound archons, major spirits
  • magical items, spirit servants, treasure
  • a vault containing many things the church prefers hidden
  • random encounters with librarian-monks, damned penitents, dire mousers, and ink elementals
  • d20 private religious texts

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